All about my wedding – Hairstyle

I just got married three months ago and I already miss everything, the planning, choosing the place, food, dress, hair and makeup. And of course, specially the day that I got married! I am going to tell all of you how it was and how I decided everything in a couple of posts.

Today I am going to tell you about how I chose the perfect hairstyle to wear on my big day! Deciding how to do my hair for the wedding was really hard work! Up or down? Straight or wavy? Braid or no braid? Veil or not? What was the best hair to match my dress? And what will last all day?

The first thing I decided was that I was not going to wear a veil, when I tried my wedding dress with the veil and without I preferred myself without it. Once that was settled I created a Pinterest board with many types of hairstyles that I liked, the majority that I liked were braided and all updos. For me, it was important that my hair would last all day and I would not have to worry about my hair falling down while I was dancing and enjoying my wedding.

Now, it was time to start looking for hairstylists, I wanted someone that did hairstyles similar to the ones I liked. I wanted to get ready at home with my mom and one of my bridesmaid, it was important that the hairstylist could come home to do my hair. Doing the hairstyle test before my wedding day was essential, I would be much more relaxed to know that it looked beautiful and was what I really wanted.

Only after my hairstyle was decided, my wedding dress designer made me a hair accessory to wear on my big day.

The pictures show my final look I was super happy with it and still am!


HairstylingMarcela Baldoni

PhotosRodrigo Cypriano

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