Road trip to New Orleans

Last year, the first time I came to Atlanta to visit my husband, he took some days off, so we decided to do a road trip, and the first stop was New Orleans!!! It was a long drive, about 9 hours, we stopped twice breaks and still not that close to Atlanta but it is worth it, if you don’t like the long drive just take a plane over there it is way faster, about 1 hour and a half.


We arrived in the end of the afternoon, and we checked in our hotel, the French Market Inn, that had an incredible location on the French Quarter but not on the busiest street so during the night wasn’t loud like other streets.  We stayed in a Petit Room of the hotel, we prefer to book this room than the Interior Room because the latter did not have a window, but it was not a good deal, the room we stayed was more expensive than the other one and the window was so tiny, it really didn’t make any difference if we would chosen the Interior Room. But the rest of the hotel was pretty good and we really liked it, was just this detail that we were not happy about.

We were so hungry and tired when we arrived that we wanted to grab some dinner close to our hotel. When we travel we always look at Trip Advisor to see good restaurants in the city, we ended up at Napoleon House and I had the famous shrimp Po-Boy and my husband got the Jambalaya, it was a pretty good dinner in a nice place for a good price.


When we travel we like to learn about the city and the history of the place we are visiting, for us the best way to do that is in a tour, in Europe, the free walking tour is very common, you pay in the end whatever you decide the tour was worth. Here in US some cities have it, New Orleans is one of them, we found one company, the Free Tours by Foot and booked to do the day after we’d arrived. The tour was great, we learned about the history of the city, visited a lot of places like the Jackson Square, St. Louis Cathedral, Bourbon Street and other places also got some tips on where to go, to eat and explore the city further.

The famous Bourbon Street, had some restaurants, bars and striptease clubs and it is really tourist although not what we were looking for, it is something to see and walk by but not to spend the night. By a tip of our tour guide, he recommended the Frenchmen Street, there are a lot of bars and almost all of them have some Jazz or Blues band playing, it was so nice, that we went back to Frenchmen street every night.

If you like Jazz music, you cannot go to New Orleans and not go to the Preservation Hall, it is music venue in the French Quarter founded in 1961 to protect, preserve, and perpetuate Traditional New Orleans Jazz. It is a small room made entirely of wood, the band plays for about 45 minutes, it is a great atmosphere and a place to you really listen to the authentic jazz.

Another places that I recommend to go and grab something to eat is Cafe Du Monde, to eat their famous beignets and go to the French Market, you should try the fresh crawfish and oysters, and some aligator meat. If you stay longer, you can also go to a swamp tour feed marshmellows to the aligators (as we did!), a steamboat ride and a tour to the Garden District.


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