Seafood Dinner at The Optimist


My husband’s family was in town so we got the opportunity to go to new restaurants, one of them was The Optimist and I might say that until now is one of my favorite restaurants in Atlanta! Not just the food was delicious, but the whole experience was great. The chef-owner is Ford Fry, is a well-known chef who owns 10 restaurants, most of them are in Atlanta, for example JCT Kitchen, no. 246 and King+Duke.

As appetizers we ordered the “Opportunist” Plateaux for the table, it had oyster, king crab, shrimp and ceviche, everything was super fresh and delicious. They also served a very tasty bread that was similar to a brioche.


For main course, I ordered the Georges Bank Scallops that was one of the best scallops I have ever had, just to think about it my mouth start watering! My husband ate the Redfish which was also really good, the Whole Grilled Fish and Cioppino were other dishes served to our table, all the plates had a great presentation and tasted delicious.


It is a little bit pricy but for a special occasion is the perfect spot! They serve a super fresh and delicious seafood, the decor is beautiful and the service was great!


Photos – Andrew Thomas Lee

914 Howell Mill Road – Atlanta

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