All about my wedding – Wedding Dress

Let’s say that choosing your wedding dress is the hardest part of the whole planning, of course the venue, food, drinks and everything is important, but you, as the bride, need to fell the most beautiful woman on earth on your big day.

When I started looking at dresses I already knew what I liked and what I didn’t, but sometimes you really like some clothes but it didn’t show your best features, so the best thing to do is to go to a bride dresses store and try all types, shapes even the ones you think you don’t like, you can be surprised!

The first store that I visited had a lot of stunning dresses, it was pricy but was good to see how I looked in different kinds of dresses. I really liked some dresses that I tried but all of them had something that I wanted to change, I didn’t think that I found the dress yet.

I think that I had in my mind something so clear of what I wanted, that none of the dresses would satisfy me completely. I went to some others stores to see if I would find what I was looking for but in the end, I decided to have my dream dress tailored by a fashion designer, Valdir Nicolau.

I just had two and a half months to get my dress, that really made me nervous, what if would not be ready on time, or not be how I really wanted, but after talking to Valdir and looking at the drawing of my dress, he made me fell more confident and that he would do his best to be exactly what I wanted.

Because I had so limit time to do my dress I had to try it almost every week to see how it was going, if it would need to be adjusted or if I wanted to have something changed. During all the process, I changed a couple of things and in the end, it  turned out to be even better than the dress I was dreaming of.


Dress – Valdir Nicolau

Photos – Rodrigo Cypriano


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