All about my wedding – Dessert Table

Today I am going to share a little more about my wedding and I might say is the most delicious part!  In Brazil is common to have a dessert table, that have some sweets and the cake. The venue that me and my husband choose had a partnership with one great sweet store, Le Malu.

At that time, my husband was back to U.S. and I was on a promise to not eat any kind of sweets until I move to U.S., but I had to open an exception, after all was my wedding. I scheduled a visit to try the sweets with my mom and my mother-in-law, it was more 15 kinds of sweets and 4 kinds of cakes.

We ended up choosing the walnut cake and the sweets flavors were damascus, Nutella, ginger cake, raspberry truffle and egg yolk sweet, they were all really good and were a big success with our wedding guests.

We also had a sweet calls “Bem-Casados” (the translation to English is “Well Married”), that is a tradition to have on weddings in Brazil to give lucky to the couple that is getting married, it’s made of sponge cake and fill with dulce de leche, it’s individually wrapped in a tissue paper with a ribbon.


Sweets and Cake – Le Malu

Wedding Venue – Espaço Quintal

Photos – Rodrigo Cypriano

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