Beauty Wish List

My husband might says that I already have too much makeup, but as a beauty junkie, buying a new lip stick or a facial mask makes my heart beat faster. I always want to buy new products and try new brands. Let’s see what is on my beauty wishlist, check out the full list below!

wishlist september 21.Urban Decay – Naked Heat Eyeshadow Palette ($54): Who does not like Urban Decay Eyeshadows? And you can be sure that I’m in this with you all, but this Naked Heat is the perfect palette, the colors are gorgeous and I would definitely use all of them, this is for sure my number one on my wishlist!

2.The Ordinary – Multi-Technology Peptide Serum ($15): The brand’s philosophy is that they offer scientific research-backed ingredients which are specifically targeted toward a certain skin issue you want to address, all the while delivering at a fair margin of profit, for a skin product the price is really good and I read a lot of good reviews about it, I am really excited to try this one.

3.Grace & Stella Co. – Anti-Wrinkle + Energizing Eye Masks ($20/12 pairs): I have dark circles that really bothers me, so when I find new products for that, I always want to buy. This one probably will be my next purchase!

4.Derek Lam – Drunk on Youth Perfume Stick ($38): I loved the scent that it is fruity and sweet, the packaging is so cute and it is great to carry with you in your purse.

5.Makeup Drop – Silicone Makeup Applicator ($20): While I love my BeautyBlender, it does have downsides, it really does waste a lot of product due to absorption and cleaning is never very pleasant and I saw great reviews about this silicone applicator.

6.NYX – Makeup Setting Spray – Matte ($8): There is nothing I love more than beauty on a budget, I have seen great reviews of this and because I have oily skin I am really excited to try this!

7.Dior – Cheek & Lip Glow ($37): Do I need another pinkish lip tint? No, probably not. Do I want this pinkish lip tint? Yes! Yes I do. This one is not only a lip tint but a check tint too. I think the price is a little bit too expensive and probably I will not buy it, but maybe I can get it as a gift!

Are any of them on your wishlist too? Have you try any of these products?

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