#WeddingTips – Bridal Bouquet

Beauty is in the details and your bridal bouquet is one wedding detail that you shouldn’t overlook. As simple as it may seem, a flower bouquet is more than just a bunch of flowers tied together for you to hold on your big day. Wedding bouquets are actually part of a centuries-old tradition symbolizing luck and […]

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#WeddingTips – City Hall and Courthouse Wedding Dress

Although many brides choose to do the religious wedding together with the courthouse wedding, we know that the majority still do the two celebrations separately (at least in Brazil, I don’t really know how it is here in the USA). So, two events and two dresses. Most of the times we are so eager to […]

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#WeddingTips – Wedding Cake Topper Ideas

We are back with the #WeddingTips! It’s been a while since I haven’t done any post about wedding and I need to say that I miss a lot writing about it! Today, I am going to share some ideas for your cake topper, it might seen an easy task, but trust me it is super […]

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All about my wedding – Wedding Ceremony

For our wedding ceremony, me and my husband wanted to be something really special por us, each detail was chosen to share our ‘eternal yes’ and our love with all the dear ones present on the big day. We chose to do an unconventional ceremony, made by a celebrant that we searched with so much […]

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#WeddingTips – Wedding Posts Ideas

There is nothing more special than reading all the heartfelt messages left by your friends and family at your wedding reception, so don’t forget to provide a place for your guests to leave their well wishes. There are so many unique and beautiful wedding card ways to choose from and you can certainly find the […]

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#WeddingTips – Wedding Favors Ideas

There are so many ways to say thanks to your wedding guests, but one of the most popular ways is by gifting them with a small treat. It is hard to decide the wedding favors that your guests will actually use, think about what gifts you love to receive and always remember to choose something […]

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All about my wedding – Dessert Table

Today I am going to share a little more about my wedding and I might say is the most delicious part!  In Brazil is common to have a dessert table, that have some sweets and the cake. The venue that me and my husband choose had a partnership with one great sweet store, Le Malu. At […]

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All about my wedding – Wedding Dress

Let’s say that choosing your wedding dress is the hardest part of the whole planning, of course the venue, food, drinks and everything is important, but you, as the bride, need to fell the most beautiful woman on earth on your big day. When I started looking at dresses I already knew what I liked […]

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All about my wedding – Wedding Venue

Today I am going to tell you a little bit about my engagement, the planning of my wedding and of course choosing the wedding venue. Me and my husband are together since the beginning of 2011, by the year of 2014, he got a job opportunity in the Netherlands, so he moved and I stayed […]

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