Vacation Vibes Wishlist

Vacation Vibes Wishlist

The weather here in Atlanta is finally getting better and I'm so excited, I can not wait for warm weather, swimming pools and beaches! I don't have any fun travel plans right now, but my parents are coming to visit me and my husband in the end of April and we are going travel, I [...]


July Wishlist

How is it already mid-July? I'm going to sound so old, but time is flying by! And my wishlist post is late this month, sorry! I thought my wishlist would be more summer vibes, since here in Atlanta is super hot, but not so much! I put things I need or I am running out, like [...]

Spring Wishlist

Happy Spring! Can you believe it is already spring but the cold weather is still here?  I’m craving for all Spring things, nice weather, less layers of clothing and more time outside, so I thought that today would be the perfect time to share my Spring wishlist with you!  Maybe that way, you can crave [...]