4 Best Pizza Spots in Atlanta

4 Best Pizza Spots in Atlanta

As a great Brazilian and from an Italian family, me and my husband love a good pizza! But for us the American pizza with the big crust and also the different flavors like Hawaiian (cheese, ham and pineapple) is not our favorite, that's our taste I'm not saying that American pizza is bad, we do [...]


Healthy Lunch at Upbeet

A couple weeks ago I started hearing and seeing a lot of photos on Instagram about Upbeet, it is a restaurant that offers organic grain bowls, salads, acai, smoothies and toasts. I was really curious to know the place, so me and my husband went there to get lunch. The restaurant was full with a [...]

Date Dinner at 5Church

I just moved to Atlanta a couple weeks ago and as a foodie I love to discover new foods and restaurants. Last Saturday, my husband and I went out on a date dinner at a super nice place, the 5Church in Midtown. The restaurant has two floors, one inside, and the other an outdoor terrace [...]